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Little Lexi Lani // Newborn Photos

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Here is a peek into my life… What’s happening in yours?

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Its on like donkey kong

Hello deary’s! Long time no chat. Every wedding/portrait photographer knows HOW BUSY this time of year is. I seriously feel like I have been running around like a chicken without a head. Here are some previews of the fabtabulous people I have worked

with lately. Seriously. I could kiss and squeeze the cheeks of every person on here.

Ashley & Michael’s {Engagements}:

Adrienne’s Maternity Pictures:

Van {Turns One}

Joseph & Jessica {Engagements}

Bevan {Family Pictures}

Alyssa & Cody {Engagements}

Michael & Laura {Engagements}

Steve & Lindsey {Engagements}

Isn’t Lindsey’s Anthropologie shirt the cutest?!?

John & Charlene {Wedding}

This is just a sample of the shoots that I have had lately! …wish me luck to get more blogged soon:)

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Sarah Judd {Senior Pictures}

I feel like I have the most beautiful clients! Inside and Out. And Sarah is no exception!

Sarah is a lovely dancer. Elegance should be her middle name:)

She’s not just pretty and a dancer, she’s on the golf team… eat your heart gentlemen!

I could stare at this picture all day…


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The simplest photographs always seem to be my favorite.

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