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Caroline Romney Birth // The Birth Center, Dallas, TX.

“It is said that women in labor leave their bodies…. they travel to the stars to collect the souls of their babies and return to this world together” -anonymous

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Guess who was on the news?


My beautiful clients were interviewed last night about Hypnobirthing. I was so honored to be in the room that special night. Enjoy their interview… You may spot a few my pictures:)



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November 1st.

Its been 8 years. If someone would have told me 8 years ago today that I would feel Joy again, Hope again, and Love, I would have considered them cray-cray. I thought that I had died 8 years ago today. I believed with my whole heart and soul that my life was over. That the excruciating pain that flooded my blood and went to my toes, eyes, brain, fingers, hair follicles, and heart would remain forever. Its amazing how a broken soul can be healed. Watching my mom pass away 8 years ago will always be etched in my memory. I literally watched her take her last breaths. It was a day of such catastrophe¬†in my family’s little world. But as they say, time heals a broken heart…. Time, and of course the Savior of the World. He doesn’t just heal us. He brings life into our deadened souls. He encompasses us with his arms of love, and restores joy to a hopeless life. He makes impossible possible.

One year ago, on this exact day, I witnessed a miracle. I witnessed life. I literally watched a baby take his first breath of life. On November 1st, two extraordinary events have occurred. Both signaling that neither you nor I have control of what happens to us. Whether we are taking our first breath or last, life continues on. And with Jesus Christ in control, we can have a life of  joy, hope, and most importantly, love. So today, on November 1st, I celebrate life. I celebrate breathing. And I celebrate the God who gave me this life.

Please welcome to the world, Sebastian Jones. Happy One Year birthday!!


Sebastian Jones Birth-Large from Jessica Schaack on Vimeo.

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Touch of the Masters Hand

Of the 24 years I have lived, 2011 has to be the finest year to date. Many hard, and glorious things have happened during 2011. God’s hand was most definitely intertwined in my life, guiding and pushing me in ways I didn’t know I could be push. If

you will allow me, I would love to share with you the crowning and most humbling day of 2011. This blog post is uber personal. And I share this in hopes of inspiring people to remember that God is in control of our life, that He LOVES each and everyone of us unconditionally, and that no matter how big of a trial we are given, HIS LOVE is what will make us victorious.

To adequately set the mood of this day. I have decided to share my journal entry…

Yesterday was a day to remember. Honestly, it was one of the most sacred days I have ever lived.

When I woke up, I started my gospel study as usual. But as I was reading my scriptures, I felt impressed that I should read the Four Gospel’s account on the Garden of Gethsemane. I did so. Those chapters really set a tone for my day. Especially one verse in particular.
Matthew 26 : 30 And when they had sung an hymn, they went out into the mount of Olive. I was totally struck by this verse! I could not think of something more fitting for Jesus to do with his disciples, then to sing a hymn before ascending to the lowest place anyone has gone to on earth. So that is exactly how I decided to spend my day. Playing hymns up until it was time for me to leave for the hospital. Also, when I was saying my morning prayers, I felt the spirit whisper to me that today was holy, sacred, and pure. Just like a temple. The spirit impressed in my mind that I should dress as if I was going to the temple. So I did. I dressed in my Sunday best. And what a glorious decision that was. Between the hymns and my dress, I felt confident that I would be worthy, and ready to enter that sacred hospital room.

I got the call @ 3PM to head over to the hospital. Though I had mentally, and spiritually prepared myself, Satan’s grasp had gotten to me and fear and anxiety crept into my mind like a wild fire flowing through a field. All at once I felt unworthy. Inadequate. Fearful. As I was driving, I tried to get a hold of Robbie for a pep talk, but no answer (not surprising, he was in class). I called the next best thing. My dad. Honestly, it was a miracle that my call got through, he hardly can ever gets service in his office. He answered. I asked him for a classic pep talk. As always, he hit a home run and brought my spirits back where they needed to be. No more fear existed in my mind.

I knew I had reached the correct door when softly placed on her door was a yellow rose reminding the world that a mother was in there, giving birth to an angel. I will never forget that feeling when I entered Lindsey’s hospital room. Just as the spirit had said, when I crossed the threshold of that door, I knew that I was in a temple. Soft music played to relax Lindsey. Brock was on the left squeezing Lindsey’s hand while she fought to get through the contraction, with Lindsey’s mom on the right rubbing her leg for comfort. Lindsey had made a noble decision and decided to give birth naturally. Later on, she explained to me that giving birth naturally to Mark was a symbolic thing, and her and Brock prayed fervently that the Lord would strengthen her through the pain.

I was in the room for only 30 minutes before Mark was born. But in those 30 minutes remarkable moments took place. Two things in particular I would like to share. The first; As I was taking pictures of Lindsey laboring, I couldn’t help but notice the hands in the room. Lindsey’s hand grasping onto Brock; Brock’s hand rubbing Lindsey’s shoulder and playing with her hair to relax her between contractions; Lindsey’s mom’s hands rubbing her leg and arm to remind Lindsey she was not alone. As I watched all these hands, I couldn’t help but title this day. The title? Touch of the Master’s Hand.
The second moment worth sharing, came about 10 minutes after being in the room. I was tucked away in a corner taking a picture of Lindsey fighting through a brutal contraction. As the contraction reached its peak in pain, I knew, and could feel angels all around. Not just one or two or three or four. But dozens. Dozens and dozens of angels had stuffed themselves in this room. Tears pooled my eyes as I tried to take a non blurry picture. I could only decipher two spirits in particular – my mom, who I know stood right next to me, and baby Marks spirit. Though his spirit did not feel like a baby. It felt like a man.

The moment that Mark was born was a tender one. No doctor or nurse was present. It happened so quickly. Brock and Lindsey’s mom were the first to see Mark. He was still tactfully placed inside the water sack. Tears exploded through everyone’s eyes. The spirit was palpable. Testifying to us all that Mark had served his purpose. To gain a body, and return to the presence of a loving Heavenly Father.

The next few hours felt EXACTLY the same as if a healthy baby were born. The nurse weighed and measured him. 1lb 2.4oz, 11.5 inches long. Foot and hand prints were taken. Everyone in the room held him and snuggled him. There was ‘ooing and awing’ at what a miracle he was. Everything on him was intact. He had bones, and flesh, a tongue, and even eyeballs! We all marveled at how perfect God is, and how he knows exactly what he is doing. Something else existed in that room, something that would be unexpected to those lacking the Good News in their life. JOY!! Joy abounded through the continence of Mark’s parents. Joy flowed through Mark’s grandma. Joy was present in everyone’s heart and spirit on that sacred day, September 21, 2011.


Of all these pictures, this one of Lindsey makes me break down every single time I look at. Never in my whole life have I seen a more beautiful women…

The next few pictures are too sweet. Before becoming pregnant with Mark, Lindsey said she wanted a ring for every baby she gave birth to. When they found out that Mark had passed, Brock snuck away to the jewelers to surprise Linds.

Please enjoy this slide show…

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Brad, Carli, and Henry {Birth Experience} // Birth Center Dallas, TX

I have avoided blogging this session, because I am so emotionally tied to these images. I felt like if I shared them, then I would be revealing a piece of my heart. And come on, who wants to expose their heart? Being a part of Brad and Carli’s birth

experience at the Birth Center in downtown Dallas is not only the highlight of my career, but a highlight of my life. When I start to share this night with friends or family, I can’t help but have an overwhelming flood of emotions burst through my soul. To say this night was a sacred, life changing night, is an understatement.

To watch a woman go through so much pain, agony, and distress, and only to turn around and increase all those things by 10 folds.

To watch a man rise to his duty as Husband and envelope his arms around his wife to comfort her and coach her through each contraction.

To watch a baby come to this earth, take its first breath, and watch the woman and man become more than just a couple, but a family.

Well my friends, that is why this experience was sacred beyond description. It took a woman and a man and made them into the greatest form they could possibly become – Parents.


Carli gave birth naturally. So laboring in the tub for a few hours is what she needed to stay calm, and fight through the pain.

Brad got to “catch” Henry.

Henry’s first bath….


Choosing which pictures to blog was quite difficult. So I made a slideshow. I can’t watch this without crying. Gets me every.single.time!!

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