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Proposal // Flippen Park, Dallas Texas

The most beautiful of proposals. My deepest and happiest congratulations to Justin and Robyn!!

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Ahhh, what a berry beautiful wedding.

Here are the pictures from the stylized wedding shoot done with my dear friends, Hannah, of Etre Photography, and Kortney, of Moss Designs.

The loveliness was featured on Elizabeth Ann Designs.

Enjoy, y’all.

Lets talk about this lovely dress…. No, lets talk about the bouquet instead… They both just look SO SMASHING together. Kortney, you are a true artist with florals. And, Hannah’s mother made the dress. She is pure gold


A big round of applause for our models Lindsay Steenblik, and Blake Lewis. xoxoxoxoxoxo. LOVE YOU TWO!


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Guess who was on the news?


My beautiful clients were interviewed last night about Hypnobirthing. I was so honored to be in the room that special night. Enjoy their interview… You may spot a few my pictures:)



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Eat, Drink, and be Scary

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! I love the holiday’s! And Halloween is the perfect way to kick them off. We have made such great friends in Dallas that we wanted to treat our friends to a night of  MURDER.MYSTERY.MAYHEM.

Without a doubt, my favorite item of the night were these apple shrunken heads from Martha Stewart.

The delicious desserts were provided by my lovely friends… Thank you Sameen and Amanda!

The potential murderers… Moore Bodies and Eve L. Dedd

Gore Underfoot and Diane Screamin’

Ace Filmer and Kat Peeple

Dawn Ovdee Zombize and Frank Stine

Elle Razor and Adam Family

Drake Yewlarr and Carrie Coffins.




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Life… Is not what it seems.

I threw a lovely contest over a year ago (yes, I realize this post is LATE.) and this post is all about Hannah’s perfect entry. Here is a reminder…

I want to uniquely portray the idea that things are rarely what they seem. I want for my parents, 3 brothers, husband, and myself, to emulate 1950′s perfection from bow-ties and tennis cardigans to pearl-adorned housewives. The kind of family that everyone in the neighborhood secretly wants to be..or so they think. What the neighbors don’t know is that this family isn’t actually going to the Country Club every weekend as they say. Instead they entertain onlookers at the Sideshow of the Circus!!!
Father is the ‘Escapist Extraordinaire’ who’s lovely assistant happens to be his wife, with Nick passing as a very believable ‘Snake Charmer’. Adam is the ‘Illustrated Man’ who is covered in intricate tattoos, and little Bubba has trained to become the ‘Sword Swallowing Fire Eater’ (he lives on the edge). Hannah and her handsome husband Brenden often join the show as well. He is the ‘World’s Strongest Man’ while she sales fortunes and reads palms as a gypsy.
Neither one of the two lives this family leads is better than the other, but neither neighbors or fellow circus performers would ever suspect that they are associating with the very same family. 
Everyone has a story to tell, and perhaps this serves as a reminder to us all that “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover”.

The mood of this creative shoot would be very two dimensional with clean cut lines and bright lighting used with the 50′s family and then a contrasting, more airy, muted and almost mystical life in the circus.
Hope it makes sense, cause it’s glorious in my head!

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