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Oregon Coast with friends.

Now that we are back in God’s Country (#Texas4Eva), these hot Texas days are making me miss the West Coast. Looking back on these pictures with our friends allows me to feel that lovely ocean breeze. Take me back!

Good moms laugh at their kids when they fall πŸ˜‰

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I’m a holiday nut! Without a doubt this is the most wonderful time of the year! Moving to Texas has made the holiday 100 times greater! Why? THE WEATHER!! No more dealing with snow and frigid cold temperatures starting the first of October. (Anything

below 55 degree’s is just MISERABLE)

To kick off the Holiday’s this year, I decided to throw a Halloween Party. I wanted something different than the traditional, bob-for-apples and eat candy all night party. I wanted something classy, haunted, and fun for our dearest friends. I would say this goal was accomplished… Only because I have the DEAREST, kindest, most hardworking friends in the WORLD. Seriously. A few of my darling girls swooped in like Superman and out did themselves helping with the food, and decorating the day of. I need to do a cyber shout-out to Sydne, Diane, Lindsey, and Nikki for making my Halloween dreams come true. THANK YOU! heart ya!

Butternut Squash soup in shot glasses… Genius? Why yes!

Dear world, it is time to introduce you to the greatest cupcake known to man. Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Toasted Marshmallow Cupcakes. If you ever need a dessert to WOW someone, THIS is the recipe for you. I cried when I ate them. And by “them” I mean 3.

What’s a Halloween party without homemade root beer?

We invented a ghetto photo booth! Though seriously ghetto, it did the job of capturing our fabulous friends and their fancy outfits.

Seriously Art, the mustache? Totally ghetto-fabulous.

My handsome date:) I love him…

Pinky promise I am not picking my nose here.

If everything about this party would have gone wrong, and would have been a total disaster, it still would have been a success. Why? Because watching my husband be such a charming host, and supporting me through this crazy project made it all worth it. He is my rock, my best friend, and sexy date through life.

Heart you Robbie Man!


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Patience is a virtue. Or so they say…

Patience.Is.A.Virture… I keep repeating this phrase to myself. It helps keep my excitement and anticipation in check.

Last night, Robbie-Man and I went to the movies. We got out of the car, and from a distance I saw it. I ran to it. Hugged it, and didn’t want to move for a whole month. Robbie informed me I was embarrassing him and that if I was going to act this way in public, I wasn’t allowed in public. Harsh. Are you wondering what caused my heart so much excitement and Robbie’s pride so much agony? BEHOLD….


Call me a freak, geek, or nerd… I DO NOT CARE! I love Harry Potter. I want to live at Hogwarts. Be bff’s with Ron Weasley, and have pillow fight Hermione Granger. Im not gonna lie, I would be one incredible witch… The good kind of course:)

So here’s to one month of waiting for this fantastic movie! I CAN DO IT!!… well I basically have no choice, Robbie won’t take me out of the house unless I can keep my excitement in check.

Oh and P.S. Is anyone in Dallas a Harry Potter fan? As you can see my husband is a sinner and has yet to be converted to the Church of Harry… I need to go see it with someone. Im thinking midnight and IMAX. Who wants to go?

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Perfectly Picturesque. {The Real Me Revealed.}

Am I only the one who can spend HOURS a day gazing, drooling, yearning, laughing and crying at other people’s blogs? And when I say people I mean strangers! I have a never ending list of blogs in my google reader, and I just realized I DON’T KNOW ANY OF THEM. Okay, so maybe I know a few, but not many. Am I a total quack job?

Some days after I have read a few blogs here and there, I will feel…. what’s the right word?….. Envious? YES! That is how I feel. ENVIOUS! I see moms posting beautiful pictures of their children, designers blog with their latest fancy-shmancy home-make-over, skinny-minnies who make fabtabulous desserts and eat them all day long, or other photographers who blog pictures I could only dream of making…. Like I said.

I become E.N.V.I.O.U.S.

In blog land you can be whoever you want to be. Write funny posts… and you’re a comedian. Blog your latest D.I.Y. project and you’re a fabulous crafter…. Make the most delicious meal and your the next Chef Boyardee. Have bright smiling children reading scriptures and you’re the perfect mom…Β  You get the idea. So all this got me thinking..

Who am I in blog land?

I am unsure of the answer, and quite honestly I don’t care. BUT, I KNOW what I want the answer to be for the future.

I want to be known in blog land, and in every day living as being REAL.Β  I am done editing the not-so-pretty things that happen in every day life. For example, in this post, I shared pictures of my decorated Birthday apt (please tell me it looked adorable!). But what you didn’t see was me cleaning my one bedroom apt. for 30 minutes and placing the balloons perfectly around the room so the picture could be more perfectly picturesque…. I have now answered my previous question… I AM a total quack job.

So dear world. Here’s to being real! Not just online, but in every aspect of my life… If I’m having a bad day, I shall not convince myself other wise with a fake smile. If my hair sucks bad, I will still go on my date with Robbie. If someone calls to tell me they’re on their way and my apt is a mess, I refuse to spend the next hour cleaning and then open the door, and say with my most happiest plastic smile and a voice like an angel, “Welcome! SOOO HAPPY you came! Oh by the way, I am so sorry my place is a mess!” (Tell me you’ve done that! come on… make me feel better about myself!) And I refuse to edit my zits, brighten my eyes, and tan my skin when I take pictures of myself… unless I have a HUGE zit… then I might reconsider this declaration.

And since all posts are better with a picture. Here is my “being real” picture(s)


This is the first photo I took, and my cheeks looked too fat… So I did it again…

Then I took this one, and I was like “ooh this looks pretty cute!” But then I got nervous to use it cuz I want it to look “real” Not cute… duh.

So then this one was taken…. WOOF!!!

And this was the last. Its pefect. My cheeks look a little chubby, but not too chubby. My hair is messy, but still falls nicely, and I look happy. Because in all honesty… That is the real me… HAPPY.

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White Rock Lake | Dallas, Texas

So I realize that I have not done a “real” photography post in awhile. I have soooooooo many beautiful images to show you! But before doing so, I must take a minute of y’alls time and make my Utah family/friends salivate with jealousy as I show you what Robbie Man and I did yesterday for date night.

This is me and Robbie Man. Please take a moment and notice our attire. This picture was take February 18, 2011.

Notice anything special?? WE ARE IN SHORTS AND A T SHIRT! With bikes! EEK.

This last week in Dallas has been HEAVEN. 70 degrees all week. We took advantage of the beauty and did a nine mile bike ride around White Rock Lake in Dallas. Can I get an AMEN for Vitamin D, please!?

Here are more fine pictures from our ride around the lake.

The next 2 pictures have CRANES! IN DALLAS! Who would have thought?

Love that you can see part of the Dallas city skyline…

God Bless Texas!

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