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And the Winner is…

Thank you! Thank you! To everyone who entered!! I had a much bigger turn out that I expected!! Honestly, this was my most favorite contest I have ever had (I will most def. be doing this again). Every time I would get an e-mail, I would squeal like a

little girl. Some of the e-mails made me laugh so hard, I snorted like a pig – true story. As for choosing winners… I had the hardest time choosing!! For reals. There were tons of great entries! So what I have decided is everyone who entered will receive a 20% discount their creative photo shoot idea, if redeemed by the end of 2011. How happy does that make you?

Okay. Now it is time to announce the winner(s). I had such a hard time choosing one winner from each state, I decided to do two.

For Texas:

1. Brittany Iverson.

The success of the Toy Story movies is logical when we think back to the magical moments we have each shared with our own beloved childhood toys. I look back with fondness on the enchanted days I spent sliding down rainbows with my rainbow bright doll. I wish I could capture those innocent hours I spent immersed in play with Strawberry Shortcake and Orange Blossom. Wouldn’t you love to have those memories captured? I can almost smell the strawberries and oranges just thinking of it!

Owen and his little white mouse out and about around town:
Owen and his mouse are best buds. He can’t sleep without “mouse” I think it would be so sweet to take photos of my little guy and his mouse and kind of tell a story. They could be sitting on a street corner watching the cars or in a tree. They could be at the lake or different Dallas landmarks. Owen also loves Jedi’s (Star Wars) so I thought they could both dress up like Jedis and have a light saber fight maybe?
Truly and her friends:
Truly doesn’t have one stuffed toy she sleeps with- she has about 20. They each have their own back story she’s made up and she knows if one’s missing. I think it would be so sweet to capture her little life as a three year old. She often lines them all up in a row so I thought we could make it look like they are following her down the side walk and tell a story like I mentioned with Owen’s. They could all be sitting on a bench watching her dance, or taking an order from her at a cute ice cream shop… (Highland Park would be a cute setting for both of these ideas…)

My entry is to have the lovely Miss Jessica capture the raw and imaginative moments of my little ones with some of their dearest friends — their toys.

HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THIS!?!?!?! SERIOUSLY! I squealed with delight when I read this one. Thanks Brit for the fabulous, and great presentation! Creativity is what I was looking for and you totally nailed it!


2. Sydne and Ryan Wilkinson.

Okay, this photo shoot is a winner. Really it is. BUT there is a silver lining involved, and if the couple agrees to it (which I am sure they will, because we are friends:)) This shoot is to not be redeemed for about a year. After y’all read their entry, I will explain why.

I was so excited to hear about your contest! I jumped off the couch and begged my sweet husband to help me think of something insanely creative to win our favorite photographer in town. After throwing around (and throwing out!) some ideas, here is our official entry.

We are a family of three taking life a day at a time in Dallas. While Ryan spends his days (and some nights) at Baylor college of dentistry, I am at home all day everyday with the latest and greatest addition to our family – Bradley. We would love to catch this stage of life, everyday life, but with a little twist. Our vision is to let Bradley be the grown-ups for the day and trade us places, essentially a Freaky Friday Photo Shoot! We would have Bradley dressed up like a dental student working on patients (Ryan & me). Or have him sitting in Ryan’s lap holding baby-safe dental equipment, wearing goggles, and definitely a lab coat. Then at home being the Mom. There are a lot of options here, but I was thinking of a baking day. He would have a blast! I see some flour, eggs, stirring and of course devouring them afterwards. For apparel, he would have a kiddie apron or drowning in my apron, either one would be darling.

(feel free to clip this last part or switch it with whatever I wrote the last time)

The possibilities are endless with this idea because we could change the activities and add some more if he isn’t cooperating or if we’re just having too much fun to call it a day.

Thanks again for running this contest, we had a great time thinking of fun ways to capture our family.

Ryan, Sydne , & Bradley

EEEEEEK!! How adorable right? The “silver lining” to this shoot? Ryan and Sydne cannot redeem for one year. Bradley is only 10 months and I think this shoot will be AMAZING when he is a little older.

For Utah:


Here is Tffany’s Entry:

So there I was…(this is how all good stories start out so I had to throw it in)…with my beautiful family, all dressed in our Sunday best, posing for a family picture when BAM! The sprinklers turn on!!!! We are in complete shock and don’t know what to do. After reality sets in we decide to just make the most of it and go with the flow, meaning family pictures in our Sunday best with us all drenched in water.

A few things:

1. I absolutely love this idea. No, this is not something I’ve always wanted to. It’s something that I thought up just for this contest. But now that I have thought it up I am way excited about it and really want to do it! I was trying to think of something creative and yet something that I would legitimately want and this is perfect. Saying my children love the water is an understatement. The pure joy and excitement that it brings to them is rarely captured on camera for posed pictures. And while I would love to get some posed pictures of us completely drenched I mostly would love the candid ones.

2. I would love to get the story line progression of it all. Of course my husband and I would know what’s going on but I would love to get the raw emotion and reaction of my 3 little boys and see how they react. They all LOVE water but seeing as how they would be in their shirts and ties I’m curious what they would do.

3. After we get their initial reactions, then we would just let loose and play in the water. At that point we’d probably want to whip out something like super soakers, water balloons, or maybe even a slip ‘n slide (can you do that in a skirt? who knows but we can find out!).


To Tiffany: When I got your entry, I knew it was the winner. This idea captivated me the second I read it. What I LOVED so much about your idea was it was 1. Practical. 2. FUN!! 3. Super creative. Thank you for entering and I cannot wait to be apart of this shoot!!

P.S. We MUST get slip ‘n slide pictures in a skirt. It really will be fabulous!

2. Hannah Smith

I want to uniquely portray the idea that things are rarely what they seem. I want for my parents, 3 brothers, husband, and myself, to emulate 1950’s perfection from bow-ties and tennis cardigans to pearl-adorned housewives. The kind of family that everyone in the neighborhood secretly wants to be..or so they think. What the neighbors don’t know is that this family isn’t actually going to the Country Club every weekend as they say. Instead they entertain onlookers at the Sideshow of the Circus!!!
Father is the ‘Escapist Extraordinaire’ who’s lovely assistant happens to be his wife, with Nick passing as a very believable ‘Bearded Lady’. Adam is the ‘Illustrated Man’ who is covered in intricate tattoos, and little Bubba has trained to become the ‘Sword Swallowing Fire Eater’ (he lives on the edge). Hannah and her handsome husband Brenden often join the show as well. He is the ‘World’s Strongest Man’ while she sales fortunes and reads palms as a gypsy.
Neither one of the two lives this family leads is better than the other, but neither neighbors or fellow circus performers would ever suspect that they are associating with the very same family.
Everyone has a story to tell, and perhaps this serves as a reminder to us all that “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover”.

The mood of this creative shoot would be very two dimensional with clean cut lines and bright lighting used with the 50’s family and then a contrasting, more airy, muted and almost mystical life in the circus.
Hope it makes sense, cause it’s glorious in my head!

-Hannah Smith

When I read Hannah’s entry I was so captivated with the creativity, the writing, and the thought that went into it. My brain went into fantasy land as I laid this photo shoot out in my head. Her idea was different, and unique I could not possibly award her for this fabulous presentation. Fab job Hannah!


If all winners could contact me so we can schedule a time that will be grand!

Thank you for everyone who entered!!! Can’t wait to do this again!

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Paint me a Contest.



I am soooooo excited for this contest! I want to kick off Christmas in July (come on guys! o

nly 6 more till Christmas!!) by giving away 2 free creative photoshoots!! Wondering what a “creative shoot” is? Well read below and find out!

Here is what you need to know to enter and to get your creative minds turning:

-First thing you must do is stand up in your living room and do the chicken dance while snorting like a pig.

-Once you have completely made a fool of yourself, come back to the computer and finish entering the contest.

How to enter:

1. Describe to me in as many sentences as your heart desires, a creative photo shoot that you have always wanted to do, and would LOVE to be a part of. This photo shoot can involve whoever and however many people you want. It can be a shoot of just you and your significant other, it can involve all your girl friends/boy friends, be just of yourself, or your family. I don’t care who it involves… It just must be creative! Just email me your best idea of the creative photo shoot you would like to do at by July 13th, 2011. Be sure to provide your name, email, and where you’re from.

2. After e-mailing me your entry, copy and paste this sentence on your facebook wall: I just entered to win the ‘Paint me a contest’ free photo shoot on!

3. The two winners (one from the great state of Texas, and the other from Utah) entries will be posted on the blog July 15th.

Things to keep in mind:

  • There will be one Texas winner and one Utah winner. The Utah photoshoot must take place between July 19-23 OR August 3-5. The Texas photoshoot will take place the month of September… I don’t want to do it in August cuz I would melt like the wicked witch of the west.
  • All supplies/costumes/dress-ups that you need must be provided by yourself.
  • Entry’s must be e-mailed to me by July 13th.
  • The more creative your entry is the more likely you are to win.
  • You must put which state you live in.
  • This contest is a $280 value!
  • If I have taken your picture before, you can still TOTALLY enter. The more entries the better!
  • You don’t need to have every piece of your shoot planned out. Just write me your vision and who is involved, and if you win, together we can come up with a location, time of day, etc.

Okay let me give you an example of what a creative shoot is, and an example of what your entry may look like:

Example: Dear beautiful Jessica,

OMG! I can’t believe you are like totally throwing this contest! I mean just the other day me and my bffa (best friends forever aaaaaahhhhhhhh. duh!) were laying in a tall field talking about how it was our dream to get our photos taken while we were hunting for bears. I mean we like totally planned out every detail of the shoot. So I was like going to dress up like a bear cuz lets be honest… we really are scared of bears and don’t really want to see one, but thought it would be a super cool photoshoot… and my bffa was going to dress up like Davey Crockett… but a girl version, so she could be super cute for the camera. Anyways, she was going to have a gun and pretend to shoot me but I was going to hug her and show her true love, and then she was like going to fall in love with animals and swear off hunting forever and then me (the bear) and her (the hunter) were going to snuggle under a big oak tree and become true bffa’s.

The End.


The contest is officially OPEN!!

And to spark your creative brains, here is a creative shoot that I was lucky enough to be apart of in April. This shoot was all thought up by these 3 sisters’ mom. What a fabulous mom, right? I wish I could have done this when I was a little girl!



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Winner. {Announced.}

With 542 to votes, the winner of the gallery wrap canvas is….

I have to tell y’all, I had a stinkin fun time doing this contest. I think I need to throw more contests/giveaways. Yes?

THANK YOU FOR VOTING! I wish I could give a prize to everyone who voted and helped make this contest such a success. Y’all ROCK MY WORLD!

M.E.R.R.Y   C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S

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Best of 2010. {Wedding Couples.}

The end of the year is upon us and in celebration of all the WONDERFUL WONDERFUL wedding clients I have had this year, I wanted to do a contest. I am going to post one image from each wedding I shot in 2010, and I want YOU to vote on your favorite image. The couple of the winning photo will receive an 11×14 gallery-wrap canvas! How fun right?

You can only vote once, so make it count! The contest will end in one week.

Sabrina and Brady. #1:

Brian and Rebecca. #2:

Rylie and Shaylee. #3:

Brandon and Timian. #4.

Ryan and April.  #5.

Ty and Sheri. #6

Siua and Kiersten. #7:

James and Kylie. #8:

Dillon and Jane. #9:

Mason and Lindsey. #10:

Andrew and Lisa. #11:

Jake and Heather. #12:

Austin and Rochelle. #13:

Kyle and Shea. #14:

Bennett and Jenessa. #15:

Bryan and Jeanne. #16:

Brenden and Hannah. #17:

****Please place your vote for your favorite photo. IGNORE the “other” option at the end of the poll. I don’t know how to get rid of it.


[polldaddy poll=4239435]

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Come one. Come all. And get your free photo shoot. Wanna know how?

Click HERE!


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