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{The Ruffle Wreath}

I love working with my hands. I love creating. Whether its decorating, crafts, cooking, gardening, or my favorite… photography:) I am never truly happy unless I am creating. Here is my recent creation and addition to my home.

It is made from coffee filter. And only cost $8 bucks. Fancy huh.

The tutorial I used is HERE.

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Christmas. Vacation.

Here is mine and Robbie’s Christmas card this year. Do you like?




I will be taking the next two weeks off to enjoy my Christmas Holiday with the hunk in the picture above. I will be answering very few e-mails, and not blogging during my break. Don’t forget me -k-?

I pray that your holidays will be filled with happy love, good movies, and delicious food.




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{O little home of Jessica}


It is by far the best holiday ever created. Its happy, its sparkly, and its joyful! See!

B E S T . H O L I D A Y . E V E R .

I love it so much sometimes I think I own it. Like ITS ALL MINE, and no one elses. But daddy told me that I am supposed to share….. (grrrrr) So FINE!  World… I will share Christmas with you. Be good to her. Okay? Since I am in the sharing mood… I want to share my Christmas decorations with you! This year we didn’t do a tree because we are leaving the middle of December for Utah. But you can’t just not decorate for Christmas. ITS A SIN! And I didn’t want that on my sin slate when I reach the pearly gates someday. Because I had no tree, I had to get creative!

Just so you know, I only spent $7.99 on all decor below. It was on the glass vase that is holding the dead tree branches. I found the branches on a tree outside my apt. Aren’t they just charming?

vintage christmas decorations by Jessica Schaack

My photo frame ornaments are my FAVORITE. They are such a treasure to me. The picture below is Robbie as a little boy. Isn’t he to die for?? That picture alone makes me want to have a baby!

vintage christmas decorations by Jessica Schaack

vintage christmas decorations by Jessica Schaack

vintage christmas decorations by Jessica Schaack

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