“You should never have to apologize for your passion”   – The Young Victoria

Passion! Yep, that’s me.  Every fiber of my soul is ingrained with it.  My biggest life passion?  God.  Second?   My husband.  And third?  Capturing love! I love love! and photographing it has become the single greatest adventure of my life.  Since starting my photography business in 2009 my camera is not just a piece of equipment that makes me money, it has become an expression of my soul!  I see the world with new eyes when I am taking pictures.  The yuck of a bad day disappears as I chase the very last rays of light before they fade from the big open sky.  Spending my weekends with couples who can’t see past the eyes of their beloved is perfection to me! Even the mundane part of owning a photography business is bliss. But the greatest part of this “job” is meeting you! YOU are what makes everything worth while, and freezing the giggles, tears, joys, and love in your life is what this business is all about. In essence, my passion is YOU!

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Since there is more to a girl than just her camera, here is a peak into my heart . . .

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Romell Ashby Your work is beautiful and full of emotion. Thank you for sharing your gift.
You are an inspiration to new photographers like me.
I will stop by your site from time to time. Keep doing what you do.

Romell AshbyOctober 2, 2012 – 2:41 am

Ashley I found your blog today by chance somehow on google and can I just say I love your work! I looked at basically a years worth of posts and I love ever picture you take!!!
I do photography just as a hobby and am VERY amateur, but I love to look at others work to inspire me as to what I would like my photos to look like… Thanks for inspiring me.April 29, 2011 – 9:50 pm

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