Justin & Malorie // Wedding


Two blog posts in a week!?!? What the heck! Since this couple just celebrated their 1 year anniversary, I figured it was time to share these lovely images.

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Jake and Jenna // Wedding

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Joel & Cassie

Also included in this post are Cassie’s bridals and their day after session that took place at Fossil Rim… It was where they had their first date. What a lovely idea, huh!

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A Mess of Happiness

WHAT THE!?!?! Can you believe it? My website is FINALLY up and running again. Someone please come over and pat me on the back, and take my Christmas decorations. No seriously, they are still up. Life has been nothing but a mess… a mess of happiness that is… these past 4 months. Robbie and I welcomed the sweetest little girl in the whole world to our family. Motherhood truly is the best thing to ever happen to me. I say to people all the time, I KNEW I would love her, but I never knew how much and I never knew how much FUN I would have with her. How can a tiny person who does basically nothing be sooooo FUN!?!?! I seriously have no idea.

I want y’all to meet the girl who has stolen my heart and given me new purpose to life….

These are pictures of Myla taken at 3 weeks when she was blessed. She is wearing my mom’s blessing dress.

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Richardson Family.

When you look at these pictures, doesn’t it make you wish you were looking at them with a steamed milk and a piece of pumpkin pie? I can feel the cool crisp fall air in these photo’s, and its beaconing to me.

The beautiful mother in these photo’s is my dear friend Angela, of AMR Photography.¬†She is pure talent! Working with her and family is always such a joy!

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